Custom Manifolds

Custom Manifolds

At Custom Fluidpower Vietnam, we offer Custom Manifolds full system integration for hydraulic valve manifold applications and we do it with a difference. Our unique ability to handle everything from design to commissioning using only our own resources provides us with greater technical capability and ensures a better service for your application.

No matter how complex your fluid power application, a custom manifold from our team will provide a tailor-made solution for your application.

You won’t be able to find a better solution than manifolds for your fluid power system. They are space-saving, weight reducing and versatile. If you have inline or stack valve systems, manifolds can remove the pos.s.bility of unsightly and dangerous oil leaks.

For the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service of Custom Manifolds, we are the team for your business. We provide trusted brands and leading services all across Vietnam.

Customised Solutions

Custom Manifolds offers full customised hydraulic manifold design solutions for the most complex fluid power applications.

Manifolds are the best choice for any fluid power system – they are space-saving, weight reducing, and versatile.

Manifolds remove the possibility of unsightly and dangerous oil leaks often found with inline or stack valve systems


Powered by Sun

Custom Fluidpower Vietnam is a Sun Hydraulics company and the exclusive Vietnam distributor of the Sun Hydraulics product range.

Sun Hydraulics designs unique and comprehensive screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves, which control force, speed and motion at reliably higher pressures and flow rates. With our resources and the power of Sun Hydraulics, you’re guaranteed a high-quality, customised manifold solution.