We are dedicated to supplying our customers with high-quality hydraulic components. Since 1990, our team has been committed to supplying a durable, high-performing range of hydraulic motors, including gear motors, vane motors, axial piston motors, and radial piston motors. We also stock a wide range of brands, including Parker Hannifin, Danfoss, SAI and MICO.

Wheel Drive Units

SAI SPA offer a variety of compact high torque wheel drive units that can bear radial loads and used in many industrial applications, such as mobile, off-highway vehicles and in heavy industry.

Radial Piston Motors

are high-torque, fixed displacement hydraulic motors that provide high mechanical efficiency and starting torque and feature advanced low-friction and wear technology.

Variable Displacement Motors

The variable displacement motor can be used at any level of displacement between the maximum and the minimum, maintaining a high level of efficiency even with very low displacement levels.

Gear Motors

includes high-performance and high-power density aluminium gear motors, as well as fixed-displacement, high-efficiency, high-performance, high-power-density and high-endurance interlocking multiple-part, cast-iron gear motors.

Axial Piston Motors

are offered as a bent axis or swashplate design for medium- and high-pressure industrial applications

Vane Motors

we offer Parker’s hydraulic vane motors including medium-duty and heavy-duty motors designed to provide a long service life in high-pressure and high-speed severe-duty applications requiring low fluid lubricity.

Orbital Motors

Danfoss offers an extensive range of orbital motors to meet the needs of any industrial applications - from large construction applications to mining equipment

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