Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic Seals

Custom Fluidpower Vietnam provides a range of hydraulic seals suited to various products and applications. Seals play an important part in system performance and reliability. They are used to prevent fluid leakage and prevent foreign particles from entering sealed cavities, which can damage machinery and can often lead to system failure. Applications for sealing solutions span across a wide range of industries, including mining, aerospace, agriculture, oil and gas fluid power, construction and material handling.

Hydraulic seals

Hydraulic seals are used to block or separate fluid between various components in a hydraulic cylinder

Pneumatic seals

Pneumatic seals are mainly used to contain fluids such as compressed air and gas. They are generally used in applications that require high-speeds and exposure to high temperatures

Seal kits

We supply Parker industrial kits for rod, piston and rod gland cartridge kits for Parker cylinders and Sun Hydraulics Cartridges for convenience and lower replacement costs

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