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Why choose Custom Fluidpower Vietnam engineers for your Power Unit Manufacturing?

Through the strength of our people, we aim to exceed industry expectations by delivering superior hydraulic services and solutions, focusing on excellent customer experience. Nine branches across Australia, South East Asia and Vietnam provides us with international strength and local service capabilities. Every Custom Fluidpower branch has a wealth of knowledge of the surrounding plants and sites, with a team who is well informed and has practical knowledge, experienced to make good judgements specific to each customer.

Hydraulic power unit design and manufacture

Continuing our proven dedication to delivering hydraulic solutions through innovation, Custom Fluidpower Vietnam takes pride in our power unit manufacturing abilities. Our highly skilled team of mechatronic and system engineers will collaborate with you to design a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPY) that meets all your specification, regulatory and application requirements.

Our custom designed units feature unique manifold technology, electronic controls, SUN Hydraulics cartridge valves and many other core product components. Custom Fluidpower Vietnam also has a range of standard power units to choose from.

Unique features

Our range of services and provisions, you can customise and tailor your needs and requirements to provide the best outcome or solution. Some of our power unit features include:

  • Electrical DC & AC options.
  • Diesel and petrol engines.
  • Soundproofing.
  • High pressure to 700bar (10,000psi).
  • RemoteSensors and monitoring.
  • Radio remote control.
  • Mobile construction.
  • Compact, easy-to-store design.

Additionally, all power units are specifically designed for ease of maintenance to allow for regular repair.

Applications for power units

Hydraulic power units are required by a wide variety of industries, from agriculture to marine, mining to materials handling. We have designed and manufactured hydraulic power units for: dredging, winch and slew drives, braking systems on mining conveyors, paper manufacturing hydraulic systems, offshore drill platform component support, crushing plants feeder drives, materials handling applications, and amusement rides.

Custom Fluidpower Vietnam produces quality, durable and practical hydraulic power units in our workshop, meeting the Australian Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.

For more information on how our services, product range and experienced staff can work with you and your business contact us online or call <a href=”tel:0368 734 814″>0368 734 814</a>.

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For more information on how our services, product range and experienced staff can work with you and your business contact us online or call

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