Success Stories

Transmission Hoist


A key customer required an electro-hydraulic control system for their remote control battery operated, full electric mining industry transmission service equipment. The solution needed to include hydraulic actuators, hydraulic valves as well as the electric motor and electronic control and radio remote control systems.


CFP was able to supply a complete solution, using SAI hydraulic drive motors, SUN hydraulic valves, and manifolds, as well as electronic control hardware and software.

As part of the control system, we also used a variable speed motor and drive system which allowed for complete control of the electric motor speed driving the hydraulic system. This gave us the ability to optimise the hydraulic system to give the best efficiency level to make battery life go further.

Key Features

  • SAI wheel motors
  • CFP Manifolds
  • SUN cartridge valves
  • Electronic control package
  • Variable speed motor drives